“An amazing opportunity which my daughter has been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to experience. She has been very well supported and has thrived within the academy, becoming a confident and happy young lady. Not only excelling in sport but in her academics as well. Having now applied for university, I could not have wished for a better next step for her. This is thanks to the encouragement and support from James and the academy.’

Emma Russell, Parent

‘I am the grandparent and guardian of a student at NPA and my experience of the academy has been excellent in the 2 years I have been involved. The efforts put in have been exemplary, especially in these difficult times. The core aim to produce performance athletes of the future is expanded to encompass the overall improvement and education of all the young people involved. The staff are caring, knowledgeable and go far and beyond to achieve their stated targets and more. In our case the personal attention given to cope with the traumas experienced by young people were nothing more than wonderful and the fact that we have a well adjusted, lively, personable and very fit young rugby player is a testament to their success.’

Laurence Andrews, Grandparent

‘Next Phase Academy has offered my daughter a structured and focused post 16+ educational programme which allows her to pursue her passion for rugby and obtain a nationally recognised qualification. The academy is professional in its approach and is providing her with the support as a young player to develop skills in various aspects of the game ie, playing or coaching referring etc and therefore has encouraged her to explore varying aspects of the sport.
Staff are approachable and strive to provide each individual student with relevant opportunities to achieve and exceed their own personal goals whether that be from personal programme planning for strength and conditioning to developing links to club, county and premiership pathways. As head of NPA, James Buckland leads by example and his relevant experience and success within the sport cascades an ethos of professionalism throughout the academy. This equally challenges and nurtures students. Academic study and practical performance go hand in hand and individual support is provided where/when it is needed to help individual students succeed.
It is this personal/individual centred approach that in my opinion differentiates NPA from other sporting academies. My daughter is fortunate to be part of the RFU’s player pathway scheme and attends a Centre of Excellence with a premiership club. Next Phase academy is able to link with this premiership club and so supports a connected, holistic approach to her development as a player.’

Christine Bryant, Parent

‘I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts and never-ending enthusiasm. I can honestly say that we have never seen **** happier and more focused than he is now. This situation is your doing. The next steps you outline here are a fabulous move and clearly demonstrate how you never stop pushing to do as much as you can for your students!!’


‘I hope you got to see how Happy **** was today. I’m sure there are or have been days where you have questioned setting up NPA. I just want to say a huge thank you. **** was full of it today! Loves the match kit, had a fabulous training session and came home happier about Rugby than I’ve seen her since before her knee surgery. (2 years ago!) So, thank you. Your hard work in setting up NPA has really made a difference to her life. I dread to think where she would be without you, NPA and Rugby. **** and your students are indeed very lucky to have you and this opportunity.’