NPA Mixed Martial Arts

Next Phase Academy is pleased to announce its partnership with ZKS Martial Arts , led by Ben Babbington. Sensei Ben is a recognised Mixed Martial Arts coach specialising in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing. Based in Aylesbury town centre, ZKS Martial Arts share NPA’s vision to provide student athletes with the best professional coaching and support to help them reach their full potential.


Ben Babbington

Ben founded ZKS Martial Arts in 1999. He had built ZKS out of a passion for his martial arts and simply wanted more time to train when his own opportunities to do so were limited. Over the years he has grown ZKS Martial Arts with the help of his expert team and supportive family. He has been teaching and training and has actively studied a broad range of martial arts. His main interest is in the grappling arts and has extensive mat time in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, one of key components for MMA and one of the foundations for ZKS MMA. NPA MMA Students will have the opportunity to be coached in a broad range of martial arts so that they gain experience and become proficient in all the components suited to a Mixed Martial Artist.

NPA MMA Student Athletes

NPA MMA student athletes can expect up to 6 hours of MMA coaching per week. Students will also be coached to develop physically and mentally as athletes, with access to strength and conditioning training, as well as nutritional support.

This exciting MMA programme will be integrated into the student’s academic studies, becoming a bespoke solution for students who want to progress to a career in sport. Students will also be supported in their applications for higher education, including college scholarships, as per our partnership with ASM scholarships.

MMA students should APPLY NOW to secure their place for September or CONTACT US for more information. Please note that MMA Students will be subject to a sports premium in value to a ZKS Martial Arts Yearly membership, please contact us for more information.

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