eLearning Courses

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Further course information

  • Flexible online learning (Learner’s pace)
  • Delivered by specialist further education professionals
  • Specialist one to one tutors
  • Comprehensive resources
  • Practical Workshops
  • E-learners have unlimited attempts to complete their Portfolios and Online Assessments
  • E-learning Practical Assessments will be conducted at the private members Gym at Aylesbury Rugby Club (A £25 ‘Practical Retake Fee’ may be applied)

Online Qualification Timeframes

  • Level 2 or Level 3 ( Approx. 3-12 Months)
  • Level 2 & Level 3 Combined (Approx. 6-18 Months)
  • Completed Awards (Issued within 12 weeks)

If you are aged 18 on the 1st September, you may prefer to complete these qualifications as a Government funded one year option with Next Phase Academy. Contact Chris@nextphaseacademy.com for further details