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Testimonials (NPA Students 2019-20)

‘Since joining Next Phase Academy, my confidence in rugby and my gym training have both improved, which has given me a lot more confidence in myself. I’d had enough of school but I really enjoy this environment’

‘Since joining Next Phase I have made some amazing life long friends and I have improved majorly in my physical and rugby ability as well as becoming a stronger person. I have had so many laughs and made some great memories. I was the only girl in my intake, although that has not stopped me from joining in fully and enjoying the course with the rest of the crew.’

‘Since coming to Next Phase Academy my game has really developed. This is due to the sports focused culture of the course, including games, skill work and training in the gym. I also really enjoy the sports focused study aspect.’

‘Joining Next Phase Academy has really improved my confidence. Getting fitter and stronger in the gym has improved my rugby and also helped to build my confidence. I believe Next Phase Academy is really helping to set me up for adult life as I’m determined to follow a career in sport’